1st Apimondia Symposium on African Bees and Beekeeping 2014
The theme for the 1st Apimondia Symposium on African Bees and Beekeeping 2014 is: - “African Bees for a Green and Golden Economy”. The main objective for the 1st Apimondia Symposium on African Bees and Beekeeping 2014 is to improve beekeeping industry in Africa and developing countries for the welfare of rural people
The Symposium will seek to:
__present fresh and evidence-based research findings;
__collect and document hard stories from bee keeper based beekeeping practices, conservation and livelihoods;
__create networks among beekeepers, buyers and service providers through trade exhibition, and;
__Incorporate issues raised by beekeepers into discussions and identify the way forward for better implementation.

Main features of the Symposium
__The first Apimondia regional event to happen in Africa specifically in Tanzania, the country in East Africa, which boasts forest-based beekeeping
__Comprehensive undisclosed information and participation of indigenous people, rural beekeepers, decision makers, traders, researchers, students and representatives from NGOs and the private sector under one roof.
__Provides a forum to small-scale beekeepers to air their views in various ways through scientific presentations, a commercial exhibition and excursions to integrate beekeeping in support of rural livelihoods.
__Participants gain exposure to challenges on value chain and more information about the sector potential in the country.

Time and duration of the Symposium
The Symposium will be held from 11 November to 16 November 2014. The first three days will be for Symposium conferences (paper presentations and discussions), beekeeping seminars and specific topics discussed at round tables concurrently with a commercial exhibition. It will be followed by technical excursions for participants to choose the route for one day, two or three days. More than 550 participants are expected to attend the Symposium. Out of these, 250 participants are from outside
Tanzania and 300 are beekeepers and other stakeholders in Tanzania. The Governments in Africa will be encouraged to participate and support beekeepers.

International organisations, NGOs and the private sector are also encouraged to participate and support beekeepers and researchers.

The Symposium Organising Committee will use official websites of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (www.mnrt.go.tz), of the Tanzania Forest Service (www.tfs.go.tz) and of Apimondia: (www.apimondia.org). The Symposium official website (www.apiafrica.org) is under development. The website will be available with information on the symposium by mid-January and will link official websites and other partners who will be endorsed. The title of the Symposium in short will be known as ApiAfrica Symposium 2014.

The Secretariat of the Organising Committee will execute day-to-day activities of the Symposium. Official E-mails for communications between the participants and the
Organising Committee will be routed through the ApiAfrica Symposium website.
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