The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), through the Private Sector Development Strategy (PSDS), has provided EPC financial support for technical assistance targeting the handicraft sector and the decentralisation of trade information services to other parts of the country.

BSPS/EPC Project On Decentralization Of Export Promotion Council’s Trade Information Delivery Services the Council received funding support from DANIDA under the Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS) Programme to implement a programme focused on the Decentralization of Export Promotion Council’s trade information delivery services. The BSPS support with the EPC is a one year programme with the prospects of continuation.

The BSPS/EPC Decentralization Project for the Export Promotion Council’s trade information delivery services is  aimed at enhancing the already established Mombasa Regional Office in terms of accessing trade information and facilities. Towards this the EPC received funds for Phase 1 amounting to KSh. 7.5 million through the Agreement Note (AN) of November 13th, 2007. The funds went towards the enhancement of the Coast regional office in Mombasa and payment of subscriptions for trade information databases to facilitate access.

This will enable the office to handle the increased demand for trade information, deliver quality information and enhance EPC’s ability to reach out to all the exporters from all over the Region.

The following activities were implemented under the Decentralisation Component.

i. Subscription of Trade Information Databases for CBIK

The Council subscribes to several trade information databases for access from CBIK. This information is then accessed and analysed for use by exporters. Some of it is accessed directly by the exporters. The information databases whose subscription was paid through the DANIDA BSPS include;
Interdata:-  which contains a database/directory of world importers and export leads
Piers Trade Profiles: - Contains a database of US Importers
Euro monitor: - A research facility for world consumer markets and country profiles

A software for managing the library (VERSO) together with the Server and Operating System (OS) were purchased for use at the CBIK. The delivery and installation will be completed in April 2008.

ii. Enhancement of Mombasa office

The DANIDA BSPS project also assisted in the refurbishment of the EPC Mombasa offices with new additional library facilities including book shelves, magazine racks and other facilities. The Project also financed the installation of Wide Area Network (WAN) and procurement of ICT infrastructure including Giganet unit, Patch Codes, Cabinet, Trunking, Satellite Dish, Router Licensing, etc.

iii. Publicity of the new regional office and trade information services

Improving the designs and quality of products produced by producers in the marginalized regions of Kenya

Business Sector Programme Support, funded by DANIDA at the Ministry of Trade & Industry.  The project aims at assisting producer groups of commercial crafts in the North Rift, Eastern and Western regions of the country in improving the designs and quality of their products in order to meet export market requirements.  It is envisaged that the project will be implemented through short term consultancy by providing technical assistance to the artisans in product design and development and test-marketing the newly designed products in an international exhibition.

Phase 1 of the project involve a 2 day instructive training workshop followed by On-site Company coaching on product design and development. Phases 2 and 3 of the project include a mini exhibition and test-marketing of the newly designed prototypes in an international market.
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