Guidelines for Exporting Fish
A.    Legal Documentation:

a)    Register a company name and obtain the Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Registration from the Registrar of Companies, Attorney General’s office.
b)    Obtain a PIN number from Kenya Revenue Authority
c)    Obtain a VAT certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority (Once you start exporting)
d)    Obtain a Local Authority License *
1.0 Any person intending to process fish and fishery products for export must:
  • Fulfill the requirements for handling and processing fish and fishery products;
  • Comply with the Fisheries (Fish Quality Assurance) Regulations 2000; which can be obtained at a fee from the Government printers;
  • Apply for issuance of certificate of compliance.
  • On fulfilling the above requirements to the satisfaction of the Competent Authority, the applicant shall be issued with:
  • A permanent reference number
  • Certificate of compliance.
2.0 For every consignment of fish and fishery products to be exported, the     following shall apply:
The prospective exporter shall complete and submit to the Fisheries department office:
  • Application for export/import permit forms DF/P3 in triplicate
  • Three copies of the invoice
  • Three copies of C 63 or C 29 customs forms
  • Duplicate copies of Field Inspection report for fish and fishery products form FIR
2.1 On approval of the application, the prospective exporter will be issued with:
  • Fish Import/export permit
  • Fish and Fishery products Export Health Certificate

The Fish Export permit fee is charged at 0.5% (zero point five percent) ad valorem of market price.

The Export Health Certificate is charged at Kshs. 1000/- per consignment.
NOTE: - Whenever a consignment of fish is to be exported the above two documents will be applied for by the exporter and the necessary fees paid for.

For live fish exports:
o    A Fish Import/ Export Permit will be issued by the Fisheries Department
o    The Department of Veterinary Services will issue the Export Health Certificate.
e)    Clause 2.0 is applicable to live fish exports.

3.0 Certificate of Origin:

  • Obtainable from the Kenya Revenue Authority.
  • Certificate of Origin (at the time of exporting)
  • COMESA certificate of origin for produce destined to COMESA country
  • EUR – 1 form for produce destined to European Union
  • GSP form for produce destined to USA, Japan, Australia, Canada etc.
  • Ordinary Certificate of Origin for produce destined to Middle East, India, Central Europe, etc.
  • AGOA certificate of origin.
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