Guidelines for Exporting Fish to the US
1.0 Any person intending to process fish and fishery products for export must:
Fulfill the requirements for handling and processing fish and fishery products;

Comply with the Fisheries (Fish Quality Assurance) Regulations 2000; which can be obtained at a fee from the Government printers;

Apply for issuance of certificate of compliance.

On fulfilling the above requirements to the satisfaction of the Competent Authority, the applicant shall be issued with:

A permanent reference number

Certificate of compliance.
2.0 For every consignment of fish and fishery products to be exported, the following shall apply:

The prospective exporter shall complete and submit to the Fisheries department office:

Application for export/import permit forms DF/P3 in triplicate
Three copies of the invoice
Three copies of C 63 or C 29 customs forms
Duplicate copies of Field Inspection report for fish and fishery products form FIR

2.1 On approval of the application, the prospective exporter will be issued with:

Fish Import/export permit

Fish and Fishery products Export Health Certificate

The Fish Export permit fee is charged at 0.5% (zero point five percent) ad valorem of market price.

The Export Health Certificate is charged at Kshs. 1000/- per consignment.
NOTE: - Whenever a consignment of fish is to be exported the above two documents will be applied for by the exporter and the necessary fees paid for.

For live fish exports:

A Fish Import/ Export Permit will be issued by the Fisheries Department
The Department of Veterinary Services will issue the Export Health Certificate.
Clause 2.0 is applicable to live fish exports.

3.0 Certificate of Origin: Obtainable from the Kenya Revenue Authority.

4.0 Registration with the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) (www.usfda.gov)
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