Export Procedures of Quail

The following are export requirements:
All applications for export permits will be processed on the basis of their conformity to the Wildlife (Conservation and Management) Act depending on their nature. Applications may be directed to the Scientific Authority both within and outside KWS and / or other Divisions within KWS for inspection, investigation, consultations and recommendation.
Individuals or organizations wishing to export quail will be required to make an application to the Director, KWS using official Forms. Applications will take 21 working days to process.

1.The applicant will be required to apply for the export permit using official forms by:
Application for Capture/Export/Import/Re-Export Permit
•Providing proof of ownership
•Obtaining Import permit from country of destination
•Obtaining Health Certificate from Director of Veterinary Services

2.Exports must be done through official customs port, with declaration

3.A movement permit must also be obtained from Veterinary services to transport the birds
•Payment for Issuance for Non-Cites export permit from KWS -after payment of fee – Ksh. 1,000/-

N/B:  CITES (Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species)

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