Flower Prices Week 36
Market Insider showing The Flora Holland flower auctions' weekly supply and price index for the week 35 on the date 3rd Sept 2014. These graphics represent the only available information on supply and price in the Dutch flower auctions.
Actually, this is currently the only obtainable reliable indicative statistic on the European floriculture market. We provide this information, on a weekly basis. Cut flowers average price in week 35 went further up, to be € 0.27 (clock-only price was 0.31); this is 5 cents (12%) more than the same week last year. The sold quantity decreased by 3.6%. Sales turnover was 20% higher than in 2013. Roses got the same prices like last year, for some higher supply. Many flowers fetched much higher price than last year, for lower supply; among them: aconitum, agapanthus, alstroemeria, ammi, anemone,asclepias, asparagus, aster, carthamus,chrysanthemum, delphinium, eustoma, gerbera big,gerbera mini, gladioli, gypsophila, helianthus,hypericum, leucadendron, liatris, lilium, limonium,peony, phlox, solidago, and trachelium.Only but a few products got lower prices than last year, for higher quantities; among the eucalyptusand ruscus foliage. ..Click here for more information...
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