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The Council runs a number of prgrammes in conjunction with development partners.

They are discussed below.

  •  USAID/EPC Trade Development Programme

The overall objective of the USAID/EPC TDP is to facilitate increased Kenyan exports to the US market through enhancement of export promotional activities and business linkages, thereby contributing to improvement of exporters’ competitiveness in this market. Read more..

  •  COMSEC Trade Development Assistance to EPC

The Commonwealth Secretariat (COMSEC) has been extending to technical and financial support to EPC since 2007. The assistance aims at enhancing EPC’s capacity to deliver services to its clients with a view to making them competitive in the international markets. The assistance to EPC has been in Product Development and Adaptation and Development of SME Training Module. Read more..

  • DANIDA Trade Information Decentralization Programme

The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), through the Private Sector Development Strategy (PSDS), has provided EPC financial support for technical assistance targeting the handicraft sector and the decentralisation of trade information services to other parts of the country. Read more..

  • JICA/EPC SME Training Programme

The JICA/EPC SME trade training programme is a three year SME Trade Training program aimed at developing the requisite export skills within the SMEs with a view to improving their competitiveness in the international markets and transacting export business successfully. The programme has 11 modules covering the entire export proces. Read more..

  • ACCESS! Programme for African business women in International Trade

ACCESS! Kenya is implemented by the Export Promotion Council through its Steering Committee members comprising representatives of relevant organizations that are offering business support services or are involved in women-specific support programmes in the country. . Read more..

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