38th Dar-Es-Salaam International Trade Fair-Succes Story

The 38th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair was held from June 28th – 8 July, 2014 at the Mwalimi Julius Nyerere Grounds in Tanzania. Kenya, a regular participant in this event took part and with a different approach, opted to use the event to test market newly developed products by Kenyan SMEs under the Export Promotion (EPC) Enterprise and Product Development initiative besides the normal participation.Image

The 8 enterprises with newly developed products participated namely;

Flagship Project
 Balms Industries
 Detergents, Body Care & Paints
  Body Lotion
  Petroleum Jelly
Alpha PaintsDetergents, Body Care & PaintsSanding Sealer
High Gloss thinner
Imara Women MSE Metals & Ceramics
Energy Saving Jikos
Riubaini Metals & Ceramics
Energy Saving Jikos
Waguthu Creative Arts Paintings & Sculptures Paintings
Kuyanza Glass Engravers Paintings & Sculptures
Engraved Glasses
Demiurge Designs Textiles & Apparels
Muslim Hijabs
Tetemesha Africa Textiles & Apparels Decorated T shirts

The event was organized the Council  to specifically enable the enterprises (SMEs) test their newly developed products, after the product development initiative that brought on board specialists from Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI), University of Nairobi (UoN) & Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Following are the success stories from the best performing enterprises and products during the trade fair:

  1. Prior to Test Marketing, the groups went through a 3 days Enterprise Export Preparedness training where they were taught designing of export strategies, building production and marketing capabilities, & managing export transactions. Two of the exhibiting groups managed to effectively apply these skills and the immediate outcome was getting the interested buyers agreeing to travel to Kenya and collect the products under the Ex-works international commercial terms.
  2. Alpha Paints managed to sell all their products and secured a supply order of 200 cartons. The buyer travelled to Kenya and collected the first consignment of the goods and admitted that the paint was far much better when compared to other leading brands after having tested them. The Director of Alpha Paints travelled to Tanzania to discuss additional orders agreed earlier by other interested buyers.
    Mr. Maina Director of Alpha Paints explains his products to President Kikwete
  3. Imara Women Group from Kwale managed to sell all their Jikos before the end of the trade fair and were forced to travel back earlier in the company of an interested buyer who had tested the products and decided to buy more following the positive response received from the end users. The buyer travelled to Kwale and collected the first batch of the goods 30 jikos.  These was the first major sale made by the group at once and were very much encouraged to produce more and service this market that is close to their location.
    Imara Women MSE with one of the county officials accompanying
  4. Art Gallery, The display was presided over by the Kenya High Commission and was officially opened by the Kenya High Commissioner in Tanzania, Ambassador George Owuor. While appreciating the arts and creative engraving of glasses, an interested buyer sponsored to group to visit Zanzibar in order to develop specific drawings based on their preferences, which could be realized through visiting and witnessing the Zanzibar Sceneries. The TanTrade of Tanzania management proposed to collaborate with Kuyanza Glass Arts to roll out a programme for training youths in Dar-es-salaam to learn the skill of glass engraving and a follow up was to be made after the DITF Fair.                      GM MDP Mr. Maurice Abuom with guest at the Art Gallery on 27/6/2014                        
    Mr. Alex Njoroge (Waguthu Creative) explaining his drawings to a guest
    Mr. Edwin Kwalanda (Kuyanza Glass) engraving a Name on the glasses

  5. Benida Foods: The rabbit meat generated a lot of interest and got finished before the fair end of the fair. The delicacy and aroma of the product attracted many people to the stand including diplomats from the Kenya High Commission. The enterprise made contacts with promising (prospective) agents/distributors like Uchumi Supermarkets in Dar es Salaam. The Kenya High Commission organized a demonstration program for the group at Hilton Hotel, Dar-es-salaam
  6. The DITF event, Kenya Pavilion attracted His Excellency President Jakaya Kikwete, who interacted individually with the exhibitors and thoroughly interrogated them about their products. This was the first time exhibitors were coming face to face with a Head of State in their business life.
  7. County Government support was evidently present with Murang’a County and Kwale County officers. The Kwale county officials fully supported the Imara Women group financially and morally by paying for their transport, accommodation and facilitation of entry documents requirements at the border.

Following these successful events, the groups are now free to independently engage with the contacts in Dar and do business. EPC will be at hand to provide any additional support on request. The event can therefore be declared to have been fully successful.

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