Promote Export of Services and Goods Through International Tender Participation
International tendering is a process in which interested potential and existing exporters are invited to participate in an International Invitation to Bid (ITB). ITB is a written act through which the tender express a need of a specific request. The tender will explicit the scope of work, the objective of work and the terms and conditions of the ITB. The ITB is then published internationally, so that interested bidders can submit a proposal. Thus International tendering is a particular form that helps matching buyers and suppliers on a specific field of expertise.

Exporters of services are advised to be on the lookout for tenders being advertised by various Governments, United Nations Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Development Partners and International Enterprises amongst others.

Current Tender for Services in Burundi
The Ministry at the President’s Office in charge of East African Affairs (EAC), Burundi with the support of Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) is seeking to recruit a Consultancy Firm on enhancing English language skills training and setting up of English Language Centre in Burundi.

The Export Promotion Council encourages service providers to participate in the advertised tender which was placed in the Daily Nation on 21st July 2014. For more information on the tender requirements please visit the Trade Mark East Africa Website on www.trademarkea.com/work-with-us.

Current Tender for Goods in African Union Mission in Somalia
The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) is an active, regional peacekeeping mission operated by the African Union with the approval of the United Nations in Somalia. Presently the African Union has received funds for the supply and delivery of various household, kitchen utensils and store items as follows;-

  • Lot1; various house holds
  • Lot 2: various kitchen utensils
  • Lot 3; various store items
As part of its mandate by providing services geared towards enhancing the international competitiveness of Kenyan enterprises and linking them to global buyer EPC encourages legible traders to participate in the above tender. Bidding is open to all suppliers who can demonstrate their capacity and experience in supply and delivery of the goods. The bids runs up to 15th August 2014 where they will be open on presence of all representative or bidders For more information visit the http://amissiom.au.org/. The advertisement was also placed in the Daily Nation on 21st July 2014.
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