Export of Limes

Limes and Lemons are citrus fruits but distinct from each other.  They are better known in Kiswahili as Limau as opposed to ImageNdimu for the lemons. Limes can be exported fresh and they are gaining popularity especially in the European Union (EU) as a fruit. They can also be exported as dried fruit and are popular in the Middle East as a spice.

 Fresh Limes
According to the  Centre for Promotion of Imports  from Developing Countries (CBI), the market for fresh limes in the EU grew by 35% between 2008 and 2012. Import values for 2012 were 98,000 tons valued at 98 Million Euros. Seedless varieties (Persian Limes) are preferred over varieties that have seeds (Key Lime). Lime has several uses such as:
•    Pectin from the skin is used in fruit jams
•    Lime oil has applications in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries
•    Citric acid is used as a food preservative
•    Clarified lime juice is used as a health drink and is mixed in many food preparations

Dried Limes
Even if you are not able to get the fresh limes into the export market, they can be dried and exported. They are a major ingredient in the preparation of Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Vegetables in the Middle East. To dry them they must be boiled in water with salt. They are then sun dried until they are completely dry.
According to Amazon.com, the retail price of a 6 pack weighing 113 grams is USD 22.08

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