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Kenya is a producer  of Gums and Resins also refered as Myrhh,Frankincence and Hagar.
Gums and Resins are unique since they are produced naturaly in 8 Counties namely: Garissa, Isiolo, Mandera, Marsabit, Moyale, Samburu, Turkana and Wajir.

Local Name
Indegenous use
 Commercial use
 Gum Arabic from Acacia senegal & Acacia seyal Adad (Somali), Olderikesi(Samburu) & Ekunoit(Turkana) Eaten as food & for easing joint pain Additives to: soft drinks,food,confectonery,phamerceutical,adhesive,paint & printing colour
 Myrrh from Commiphora myrrhaMalmal (Somali)
 Ink used in Quaranic schools, burnt to repel snakes, insects & mosquitosHighly prized ingredient used in perfumes, cosmetics,soaps,flavours & medicines, burnt as incense
Frankincense from Boswellia neglecta Lubani, Dakhara(Borana), Dakar(Orma) & Magafur(Somali) Chewed as Gum & Burnt as Incense Essential oil in perfume,Cosmetics and flavours
 Hagar from Commiphora holtiziana Hagarad (Somali),Hagarsu(Borana) & Agarsu(Gabra) Acaricide against ticks, for snake & scorpion bites, foot rot Used in medicines & cosmetics, burnt as incense, Mosquito repelant

 For more information on major producers of gum arabica in Kenya please feel free to contact the Export Promotion Council

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