International Trade Centre Newsletter Standard Map
International Trade Centre (ITC) is pleased to inform clients the launch of the new Standards Map 2.0 which is a completely new, more inter-active and more user-friendly version. It features additional modules which allow users to identify, scan and compare over 130 standards, codes of conduct and audit protocols applicable to over 80 sectors, as well as self-assess your company against the standards’ requirements.
Furthermore, the first Quarter ITC Market Analysis Tools Newsletter is now online. (http://mas-admintools.intracen.org/newsletters/2014-Q1-Market_Analysis_Services_Update.pdf)

Here are the highlights of the Newsletter:
Step-by-Step on how Standards Map 2.0 allow SMEs to compare sustainability standards and to meet buyers’ sustainability requirements
Trade Map User Feedback: Based on 2,437 online evaluations, 81% of respondents state that they were able to find the information they were looking for in Trade Map
Market Access Map introduces the Light Version enables users to use the Find Tariffs and Compare Tariffs sub-modules without registering for an account
Investment Map has added more than 15,000 foreign affiliates in developing countries
ITC series on Non-Tariff Measures have published 4 more reports (Mauritius, Rwanda, Kenya and Senegal). New surveys have also been launched in Bangladesh and Colombia in the first quarter of 2014.
Find out which websites are the top 5 traffic referrers to ITC Market Analysis Tools in March 2014
To read the full version of the newsletter, visit (http://mas-admintools.intracen.org/newsletters/2014-Q1-Market_Analysis_Services_Update.pdf)
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