Information on Registered Herbicides
The Tea Board in collaboration with Kenya Plant and Health Services (KEPHIS) and Tea Research Foundation of Kenya are developing a pesticide residue monitoring plan (PRRMP) to ensure Kenya tea remains of the highest quality and standards.
The plan will outline a comprehensive, preventive and traceability mechanism along the tea supply chain.
The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya, however, is now in process of formulating the tea policy in liaison with the Kenya Tea Board (TBK) and has come up with the following recommendations. THAT;-
•  No tea which is not hundred percent Kenya teas should be labelled as Kenya tea
•  Teas which have been blended with Kenyans tea must clearly indicate the percentage of Kenyan tea.
•  A comprehensive  traceability mechanism should be established along the tea supply chain from farms to the point of consumption in a such away that tea from the region can be traced back to the factory where it came from.
• TBK and TRFK should be allowed to have access to assess /analyze sample of teas going to the auction and those that are been exported out of the country, so that they meet the necessary requirements MRL’s, other food safety standard and quality parameters for the consumer in importing counties.

Please follow this link for list of registered herbicide for use in tea.
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