Fresh Produce Market in Muscat
Muscat, the capital of Oman, once operated as a major trading hub between the Persian Gulf and the Indian subcontinent. Although it still does to some degree, the lack of adequate ports and infrastructure has caused trade to shift to Dubai, 280 miles to the northwest, with its efficient and well developed infrastructure. Muscat (and surrounding areas in Oman) is a relatively small market with a population of 735,000. Oman’s population is estimated at 3.83 million people, of which, 44 percent are expatriates mostly from the Indian subcontinent.
The large Indian population continues to be a strong driver in terms of trade connections and fruit and vegetable selection. Kenyan exports to Oman have been on the increase with 1.7MT exported in 2006 worth Ksh 304,247(($4,220) while in 2012, 378.7MT were exported valued at Ksh 59.3 million ($701,414)…download full report here…
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