Kilifi County Export Potential
Kilifi County is located north and northeast of Mombasa with Kilifi as its capital and Malindi as its largest town. It has seven constituencies namely; Kilifi North, Kilifi South, Kaloleni, Rabai, Ganze, Malindi and Magarini.  The county has a population of 1,109,735 people and covers a geographical area of 12,609.74 km2
Opportunities in the county exist in agriculture particularly dairy and crop farming thanks to fertile soils and a good weather pattern. The county is rich in coconuts, cashew nuts, sisal, mangoes, bird eye chillies, neem trees, water melons and commercial crafts. Processed sisal and bird eye chillies are currently being exported while raw cashew nut and mature coconuts are bought by processors for value addition before export. Other products already being exported from the county are ornamental fish such as the sea horse, and natural juices from processed fruits.  Mangoes are being processed into pulp by a company which is currently selling it local companies as it prepares for export. Kilifi also has potential for growing and tapping rubber at ‘Mpirani’ as mentioned in the Kenya history of the 1900’s when rubber used to be exported. The county has also great potential as a high-end investment detination.
Kilifi county has a strong industrial sector with the Mabati Rolling Mill and the Athi River Cement Factory contributing to the region’s economy both in employment provision and income generation. There is also presence of exisitng EPZs in the county which export textiles to the US under the AGOA while other EPZs are coming up. EPC has been working closely with one of the growing textile enterprises in buidling their capacity in ethical trade awareness for competitiveness in the export market. The Council is also working closely with two companies in the county which are in the Coconut sub-sector. They are already processing mature coconuts into dessicated coconut for confectionery industry, coconut milk used in cooking and virgin coconut oil which is cholesterol free and has multi-purpose use e.g. for cooking, beauty and health benefits. Some of these products are already available in the local supermarket chains. In summary,  the Coconut and Cashew nut crops present some of the greatest opportunities for agri-business for both local and export markets.
Export Promotion Council has conducted various programs for enterprises in Kilifi county such as Outreach programs, dissemination of export trade information, Export Trade training, On-site coaching, exposure to regional trade fair and test marketing for exportable commercial crafts products in Germany and Export Production Villages (EPV) establishment.
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