Export Guidelines for Minerals

Legal licenses

To export mineral products the following legal licenses are mandatory;
    a.    Certificate of Incorporation
    b.    Exporter Code Number from Customs Department, Kenya Revenue Authority/PIN /VAT Number

Special Permits

Other document required when shipping every consignment of Mineral based products:
Exporters will require a permit from the Commissioner of Mines and Geology.

Information required in support of every application for mineral dealers licence

Every applicant for a mineral dealers licence must provide the following information in support of and in respect of such application.

  • Full name and address of the person signing the application and his position within the company/ partnership in the case of the companies/partnerships. Initials are not considered full names.
  • Full name and address of the APPLICANT, whether company, partnership or individual) on whose behalf (1) above is acting.
  • The name(s), address(es) and full particulars of the directors or partners as the case may be and the shareholders and their respective nationalities including documentary evidence thereof.
  • A copy of the certificate of Incorporation/Registration of the company or partnership.
  • TWO bound original copies (not photocopies) of the memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company in the case of limited liability companies. Photocopies are not acceptable.
(a)    A brief statement by the applicant indicating the applicant’s technical and financial capability.
(b)    A letter of reference indicating the applicant’s SUITABILITY to undertake the mineral trade.
(c)    Any previous experience in this sector in Kenya or elsewhere.
NB: Any past adverse record will disqualify an applicant who may have obtained a Licence, the Licence will be subject to cancellation and no refund of fee will be made.
  • Qualification /Experience, if any of the directors/partners and/or employee of the applicant in the field related to minerals supported by documentary evidence such as certificates, diplomas etc. of copies must be submitted.
  • The physical address (plot number, name of the building, office number, street and town) from where business will be conducted, the business will be conducted in the licensees premises only. If therefore more than one place will used then the full particulars/details of each of these places must be given.
  • The full stock of minerals presently being held (indicate type and quantity where possible) and its value if known.
  • The name and address of the Bank from which reference on financial capability may be obtained directly if this has not been included with the application or should the Commissioner wish to request for further information.
  • Those who trade in gold/silver or manufacture gold/silver jewellery should give full particulars so that they may be advised on how they may continue to do so without violating the provisions of The Trading in Precious Metals Act Cap. 309 Laws of Kenya.
  • Similarly, those who stock, cut or polished diamonds should give full particulars so that they may be advised on how to continue doing so without contravening the provisions of The Diamond Industry Protection Act, Cap 310 of the Laws of Kenya.
  • Any other information which the applicant considers useful and which may assist in the expeditious consideration of his operation.

Source: Mines and Geological Department

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