Products Present in the DR Congo Market

Best Prospects for Non-Agricultural Goods        
1.Used Clothing     
2.Telecommunications and Computer Equipment: Poor domestic wired networks have encouraged the growth of cellular. Poor postal and package services have sparked interest in electronic document transit.

3.Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment: Fluctuating current and heavy use raise demand for both new equipment and spare parts.     
4.Electrical Generators and Distribution Equipment: Given the deteriorating and decentralized network, both individuals and firms are moving towards independent supplies.     
5.Pharmaceuticals Basic, generic, antibiotics. :The market has seen strong competition from South Asian producersand recent outcries against the sale of outdated medicines.
6.Agricultural Equipment, Herbicides, Fertilizers :Great agricultural potential but severe problems with rural roads and marketing systems. Potential sales are primarily to small farmers.     
7.Four-Wheel Drive/Off-Road Passenger Vehicles Despite Japanese dominance, American-made vehicles in this category also enjoy a good reputation.  

Best Prospects for Agricultural Products
The agricultural sector supports two-thirds of the population. Agricultural production has stagnated since independence. The principal crops are cassava, yams, plantains, rice, and maize. The country is not drought-prone but is handicapped by a poor internal transportation system, which impedes the development of an effective national urban food-supply system.  Kenya has the potential to export:
3.Dried Milk Products      
4.Processed Tomato Products     

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