Choosing the correct Domain Name for your Enterprise

We see a ton of new domain names each day– some good, some great, some…well, you know.   Regardless if it’s a blog, personal website, or a full-scale enterprise presence, choosing the right domain is crucial in creating a successful website project. Domain names give a degree of credibility on the Internet. If you want to do business on the Internet, a domain name is essential. A major advantage of the Internet is that no one can tell if the website is run by a large team with offices in several cities around the world, or by one person from their home.

A good domain name can therefore effectively put your web site on an equal footing with large companies. Domain names also improve your promotion chances and therefore your site's visibility. Few search engines will accept any sites without their own domain name. If one does not require a website, a domain name can be used to provide for a unique permanent email address.
Registering your domain name may be a piece of cake, but deciding on a name isn’t always so easy.  Below are a few simple tips to help you make the right choice when deciding on a new domain name:
1) Make it Relevant – as much as possible, choose a domain name that closely matches your business purpose. For personal sites and blogs, focus on your core theme or brand goals when choosing a name.  Remember- your domain name should always relate to and be cohesive with your overall business and brand strategy. A name like Hortifresh clearly indicated that you are in horticulture
2) Consider your Searchability - Choose a name that is rich in key words that describe or relate to your business.  This will help indirectly increase your site visitors as Google will see links that use your domain name.  The benefits are two-fold– you’ll have domain name that not only reaches your audience but also lands you a little higher in search results.
3) Keep it Simple
– Choose a name that people can easily remember.  Avoid unnecessary numbers and lengthy words. If people have to write it down, chances are that it’s too long and they’ll easily forget it or make a mistake typing it.  Heed the basic marketing principle “keep it simple, stupid” and avoid any unnecessary complexities. A name like www.kongoweamarketersco-op.com is way to long.

Why .ke and not .com?

There is a misconception that .com domain e.g. cnn.com are better and sound “the in thing” than any other domain like .co.ke. Some go ahead to argue that .com are easily searchable and reachable. This is  however far from the truth. The biggest uncertainty on the internet is whether an entity on a website actually exist and is genuine. This is because one can claim to be in say Washinton D.C. doing import and export and has a website called www.abcinternational.com when in actual there is not such company at all but instead the person is a swindler on the backstreet of Nairobi, Cairo or Cecily.
While .ke clearly indicates that a company is registered and domiciled in Kenya, .com has to territory within which it cannot be confined. That is why when you see an email ending with co.jp you know that is a Japanese company, .co.za refers to a South African company. Equally .co.ke refers to a company found not anywhere else but Kenya. Each country therefore have an institution that is charged with the responsibility of registering country specific domains. In Kenya, this institution is KeNIC. KeNIC prides of authentic Kenyan domains that are secure, affordable and available.
The Kenya Network Information Center (KeNIC)
Tasked with pushing Kenya forward in the global internet community, the KeNIC (Kenya Network Information Center) is charged with the sole responsibility of administering and managing Kenya’s Top Level Domain - DOTKE (.ke). While domain names provide your identity on the Internet, a .KE domain name, however, provides an identity that is distinctly associated to Kenya. Being a local product, .KE supports the “Buy Kenya, Build Kenya” campaign by promoting local content and minimizing capital flight. .KE is also available and helps you avoid unnecessary re-branding. Your business name is your Internet Identity!

.ke Products

.ke is divided into various domain levels that serve different functions

• .co.ke - for Companies

• .or.ke - for Not-for-Profit-Making Organizations or NGO's

• .ne.ke - for Network Devices

• .go.ke - for Government Entities.

• .ac.ke - for Institutions of Higher Educations.

• .sc.ke - for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning.

• .me.ke - for Personal names

• .mobi.ke - for Mobile content

• .info.ke - for Information

Corporate Social Responsibility
At KeNIC, we integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our values, culture, decision making, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner. This helps to establish better practices within the organization to create wealth and impact the Kenyan internet society We are currently in partnerships with ICT Board, Brand Kenya Board, Vision 2030, Commission of Revenue Allocation, Kenyatta University, Chandaria Business Incubation Center, EPC among others. KeNIC invites you to own Kenya, register your .KE today!
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