Expression of Interest for Supply, Installation and Commission of an ERP
The Council wishes to invite reputable and competent firms to express interest in Supply, Installation and Commission of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP).
The Expression of Interest (EOI) is sought from firms or joint ventures with capacity and competence on ERPs.
Scope of Work
The Expression of Interest (EOI) is sought from firms or joint ventures with capacity and competence on ERPs to undertake the following:
• Study and understand the Export Promotion Council requirements.
• Customize (where possible) the ERP the firm proposes to supply, to actualize the solution
• Interface the existing EPC Software with the ERP where necessary
• Successfully implement and commission the ERP Solution
• Support and train users on the ERP System
More details on the assignment can be downloaded here together with the Questionnaire for Supply and Installation of an ERP.(Questionnare download here )
Interested firms should provide information and documents indicating that they are qualified to provide the required services.  The information should include:

  1. The legal status of the firm (enclose copy of Certificate of Incorporation/registration).
  2. Copies of valid VAT, PIN and Tax Compliance Certificates.
  3. Provide details (names, qualification, relevant experience) of key staff members in the organization who shall be involved in the assignment.
  4. A brief profile of the firm, indicating relevant experience with details of similar assignments undertaken to demonstrate ability and capacity to carry out this assignment. 
  5. Provide references from at least five (5) reputable organisations where you have provided similar services).
  6. Provide a brief but precise description of the ERP clearly indicating the features/modules therein.
  7. Statement of Capability to deploy a solution of this magnitude.

Expressions of Interest and accompanying documents should be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked ‘Expression of Interest: Supply, Installation and Commissioning of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)’ and addressed to:

Chief Executive
Export Promotion Council
16th Floor, Anniversary Towers
University Way
P.O. Box 40247 – 00100 NAIROBI

The Expression of Interest must be deposited in the Tender Box at the reception of 16th floor, Anniversary Towers on or before Monday, 15 July 2013 at 11.30 A.M.  Late application documents will be rejected.


 NB: This Request for Expression of Interest does not constitute a contract with the Export Promotion Council and the Council is not liable to the cost incurred in preparation of the Expression of interest (EOI).The prequalified firms will be issued with a Request for Proposal (RFP) document with the terms of reference.
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