Cheap Egg Imports from South Africa hit Local Farmers
Cheap egg imports passing through the borders of Busia and Malaba have found a ready market in Western Kenya, as a result poultry farmers in Busia and Bugoma have been edged out of business. A tray of imported eggs is fetching KES. 260 while locally produced ones are going for KES. 300. The imports are said to be coming from South Africa, through Uganda and are destined for South Sudan, hence what is seen is Western Kenya is a diversion of shipment that is meant for the South Sudan market. This means that South Sudan is a market Kenya can explore further for export of eggs.
Kenya’s current trade deficit stands at over KES. 800 billion, hence there is urgent need for the country to contain importation of consumer goods with little contribution to value creation and sustainable development. In 2012 Kenya imported eggs worth USD 777,000 with 76% of that coming from India. Other suppliers of eggs to Kenya include; Netherlands, Belgium and Uganda.
However it is important to note that this figure comprises of eggs that have been imported for purposes hatching and are consumed by hatcheries. The importation of eggs is controlled by the Department of Veterinary Services through issuance of import sanitary permits, the permits take into account the disease status of the flocks of the country of origin, there ensure that the imported eggs are from a country that is free of diseases such as Avian Influenza.
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