The 4th National Exporters Forum


“Global Competitiveness through Trade Facilitation and Efficiency in Transport Logistics”.

Kenya is in the second phase of the implementation of the national development blue print, the Kenya Vision 2030, and has outlined a number of transformative strategies and programmes for action within the Second Medium Term Plan, 2013-2018. International trade development, through exports is among the key strategic thrusts.
Kenya has enormous potential for export development. The economy has in the recent past experienced new discoveries of minerals and fossil fuel deposits that are to provide the much needed basic raw material for industrialization , job creation and also, to enable diversification of the export base.
Continuous improvement of policy environment, through strategies and programmes to enable the private sector economic operators maximize returns from the emerging opportunities are therefore essential.

Trade Facilitation
Kenya’s international trade has very strong component of road transport. A number of regional businesses are hinged on Kenya’s infrastructure and therefore in equal measures dependent on the efficiencies in Kenya’s services.
 Constraints such as port congestion in Mombasa and diverse barriers along the main transport corridors that have dire impact on the movement of both exports and imports alike especially in trade with hinterland Africa and Competitiveness of regional trade and final export prices ought to be streamlined.
Trade facilitation is a critical component of the export value processes and; bears critical impact on Kenya’s competitiveness in the region.  It is fundamentally necessary that, solutions to transport related issues acquire renewed sense of urgency to internalise their impact on national productivity, cost of doing business and competitiveness of Kenya’s exports in the Africa region and other global markets.

The National Exporters Forum 2013
The Export Promotion Council is the National Export Development and Promotion Agency, charged with the mandate to develop, promote and harmonise export related activities in Kenya.
The Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of East African Community, Commerce and Tourism and; the private sector Stakeholder Associations is organising the 2013 National Exporters Forum.This is a platform to promote intra trade sector harmony through; public private sector dialogue and; isolate and address current issues that affect the export sector competitiveness, development; as well as; push forward measures that would enable synergy in sorting out the systemic constraints to the sector’s development
This year’s Exporters’ Forum will be held under the theme “Global Competitiveness through Trade Facilitation and Efficiency in Transport Logistics”; a theme that will coalesce the national thinking on business facilitation and systems for reinvigorated export performance in the regional markets.

Objective of the Forum
To entrench a Public Private sector consultative mechanism for improved performance of the export sector through an all-inclusive, interactive platform for exchange of information and perspectives on reducing the turnaround time and competitiveness of Kenya’s exports:
  • To expose the Kenyan export stakeholders to Contemporary issues in international trade facilitation and the state of Kenya’s export trade facilitation
  • To reinforce collaboration and networking between exporters, policy makers and experts in export development for facilitated export systems;
  • To create a Forum for the Private sector advocacy on issues affecting export development and trade facilitation

  • Expert Presentations on topical and thematic areas on export trade: Trade facilitation; Export Market opportunity and threats to export market access
  • Addresses by key decision makers at the highest level of government on issues that relate to supply chain management ,policy direction on issues ranging from production, transport logistics, as well as; mitigation of risks that underlie export trade.
  • Convergence of the stakeholders in export trade; including the Key stakeholders such as the Ministries, Trade associations, Industry Associations, Service Industry representatives, Financial Sector representatives, Agricultural and Horticultural sector representatives and a wide spectrum of Exporters of Goods and Services.
  • international guest speakers  and topical presentations on transport facilitation and logistics by an invited Speaker from International Road Transport Union (IRU) secretariat in Geneva
  • Media blitz is to be mounted to draw /recall the participants to the export agenda
  • Benefits
  • Practical experiences and business realities by the economic operators in business;
  • Practical appreciation of the facilitation constraints and risks management systems in the Kenyan business environment and the desired positions to better facilitate Kenya’s international trade through efficient logistics;
  • Memorandum by the private sector to the government as a direct and an ultimate communication process with the government on the needs of the export sector in catalysing Kenya’s development and global integration.
  • Comprehensive documentation in the form of a report and the recommendations on the desired interventions both by the government and the private sector.
  • Consensus building on the way forward and Intra industry harmony

•    Manufacturers
•    Horticulture producers and Associations
•    Exporters
•    Shippers and Transporters
•    Government Policy makers
•    Bankers
•    The academia
•    Business and Professional Services Associations
•    Business Management Organizations
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